An App for Everything..

lora batesIn our modern Smart Age it appears there really is an app for just about everything, even DIY and home improvement. So, whether you’re looking for do-it-yourself project guides, calculators, colour matching, or even just clever interior design ideas and inspiration, there are lots of options for your mobile device. Here’s our top picks to get you going.


This is like Wikipedia but for the DIY set! WikiHow provides you with thousands of “how-to” guides ranging from tech and life hacks, quick repairs, DIY and even craft and upcycle projects.  Ever wanted to learn how to clean and maintain a drain, a rain barrel, or to frame a jigsaw puzzle? Videos, illustrations and instructions all of which can be searched and browsed.


An excellent DIY-oriented app, focused on do-it-yourself repairs. iFixIt includes repair guides for numerous categories of devices, from cars to smartphones, tablets and common household appliances and furniture. iFixIt’s guides take you through the process of breaking open devices, diagnosing problems and even making repairs and part replacements. Users can browse by category or device and if you don’t have the right parts or tools you need, the app helpfully includes links to an online store.


Easily among the most visually attractive of the  “how-to” apps, featuring numerous projects, repairs, recipes and hacks that come loaded with detailed instructions and full-page photo guides. Users can view featured guides, check out a variety of topics from gardening, automotive, arts & crafts and other projects, as well as popular and recently uploaded guides. Users can comment on, like and share guides, or even create new guides of their own.

iHandy Carpenter

iHandy Carpenter takes advantage of your iPhone or iPad’s built-in sensors to turn your device into a handy set of tools. The surface level and bubble level bar let you check flat surfaces, while a plumb bob allows you to check the verticality of walls. A steel protractor lets you measure angles of up to 180 degrees, while an onscreen ruler enables small measurements in both inches and centimetres. Try it here for free!


Take the guesswork out of paint matching and room planning with RoomPainter. Just snap a photo of your room and upload it through the app; RoomPainter processes your photo, analysing lighting and room layout to allow you to create accurate previews of how your room would look like painted in a different colour.

RoomScan Pro

Another app which uses your smartphone’s motion sensors to quickly scan and record your room and floor plan layouts. Simply tap your smartphone on the wall and wait for the beep, repeating on each wall and door frame that you want to record. Once done, RoomScan takes into account your movement through the room and recorded wall sections, intelligently drawing walls based on your recordings for a quick floor plan. From there, you can manually edit dimensions, input architectural symbols, and combine room plans into complete floor layouts. Users can save floor plans into images, PDF and DXF files.


Also known as the “Wikipedia of Interior Design”, Houzz is a social network dedicated to architecture, interior design and home improvement. The official Houzz app serves as a massive repository of articles, discussions and photographs that budding home improvement mavens and interior design addicts can consult for inspiration and help. Whether you’re looking for DIY ideas, design inspiration, interesting pieces of furniture or simply want to get in touch with local professionals or talented amateurs, Houzz has something for you.

And if all else fails and you really can’t Do It Yourself……


Sometimes, you just don’t have the time, or a home improvement or repair job can just be beyond the skills of even the most dedicated DIY’er. This app allows users to book professional, background-checked house cleaners and handymen, view the progress of the booking and pay securely over the phone. Whether you need help cleaning up the house, setting up the AC or other bulky appliances, or need plumbing or electrical work done, Handy’s got you covered.

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